“I believe the short game to be the most important aspect of scoring. Therefore, using our indoor putting green has made my students comfortable (especially through the winter!) & has made a marked improvement in the consistency of their games; they are immensely satisfied with their progress thanks to the installation of the All Pro Putting Green.”

Corky Nesbitt
Director of Instruction, Atlanta Golf Academy

“Our 3-hole green has a country club-like surface and is the best thing I've done to upgrade my property. It looks flat, but it's very challenging, even for those “self-proclaimed pros!” It has increased my property value, makes our parties popular, and is a great stress reliever rain or shine. It handles wet weather very well, plus I installed lighting for dark winter days and nights. It is green all year long with NO maintenance. An arched walking bridge, a waterfall, a pond and a birdbath make great homes for birds and squirrels. It's paid for itself many times over.

Even if I didn't use the green at all, it was worth every penny and time to install. Best of all, my back yard is the talk of the town.”

Joseph Palumbi
Locust Valley, New York

“We used to spend hours and hours maintaining our lawn. Fighting brown spots, worm damage, and droughts led us on our mission to create a very low maintenance yard. We installed a 30' X 60' putting green and the results are excellent!! Now, very little care is needed to maintain it. We've improved our game and even our “good” golfer friends are impressed with the look and feel of its challenging layout. Our little 2-year old granddaughter always says, “let's play golf,” whenever she comes to the house.

Our property value has gone up by at least $50,000 or more.”

Edwin & Joyce Vogt
Pleasant Grove, California

“Now that I have a family, time is a premium. The back yard green gives us more time together. Having a tee box, sand trap, and golf green has made a definite improvement in my short game.”

Terry Roseman
Chattanooga, Tennessee

“My putting green looks very appropriate next to the pool. It completes our recreation area and has truly enhanced the aesthetics of the yard. The whole landscape provides the perfect backdrop for the house.”

Donald Perry
Atlanta, Georgia

“Our green has held up great over the past 5 years and I use it everyday. It's helped reduce my handicap from 16 to 12. I've had many parties and everyone including golf pros from Stanford University, professors, students, neighbors, and all my golf buddies have told me it's the best looking green they have ever seen outside the golf course. My youngest daughter's wedding reception was held in our backyard. Everyone wanted to putt so much that I had to make them form a line and take turns. My daughter told me after the reception “Dad, I thought Tom & I were suppose to be the stars of our wedding, as it turned out, your putting green was the big star!” I have no doubt that the green will be a major factor to a buyer when I plan to sell my home.

Dennis O'Leary
Woodside, California

“Rain or Shine, Night or Day, The Putting Green is Ready for Play.”

Tom Malolepsy
Oregon City, Oregon

“It's been great for my golf game, for activity, and for fun. You don't have to drive and go to the golf course. You can have one in your own backyard at a great cost.”

Marcellus Wiley
NFL San Diego Chargers

“Before, going to the golf course to practice was just too much trouble. With our own putting green, my putting and chipping have greatly improved. We installed lighting around it for our night golf parties and cookouts. It's a great home improvement for the professional or the whole family.”

Frank Stone
Ormond Beach, Florida

“I installed 12-volt lighting around my green so I can putt at all hours of the night or any time of the year. I just completed a sand trap, synthetic fringe, and a screen enclosure that keeps mosquitoes out. That is really helpful in Florida!  I've really improved my game and just love the reaction of my houseguests when they see my green.”

John Janero,
Palm Beach, Florida

“Our family loves this unique and functional addition to our backyard and home. Friends and family come over and just rave about the green's beauty, realism and harmony with the outdoors. It's my retreat and preferred location for my early morning coffee. I practice shooting uphill, cross-hill, and touchy downhill putts, all before 8 AM. We had our house appraised for $239,000. Just two years later, after the installation of our putting green and surrounding landscape, our house appraised for $295,000. This is the best gift my wife has ever gotten me!”

Paul C. Langhals
Colorado Springs, Colorado

“We were very tired of maintaining the pool in our backyard, so, we filled it in with an All Pro Putting Green. It keeps my chipping and putting game real sharp. I've even set the speed of the green to match the greens at the country club I belong to.”

Bob Manini
Richmond, California

“I coach a golf team of about 9 players but we had no where to practice. With the help of another coach and some students, we installed the green on a Sunday. The very next morning, a bunch of kids who weren't even interested in golf were putting on it, and joined the team!  It's said that 62% of a round of golf takes place on the putting green. I believe that's true for “good” golfers, but for those just learning, I'm sure the percentage is much higher.  Plus, with a Stimp speed of 9, these kids really have to work on all of their short game skills. We are very impressed with the green and excellent service from the All Pro staff. Someone ALWAYS answers the phone, even on Sunday while we were installing the green!”

Chris Habecker, High School Golf Coach
Mozelle, Texas

“We live a few miles away from Pebble Beach Golf Course (California) and our putting green is better than any of its greens! We are not what you call “avid” golfers, so we installed our green for pleasure first, and aesthetics second. We do all of our entertaining around our green. Whether you are 10 years old or 90, you can play and practice on it; but at a golf course, you get intimidated because people are waiting on you to move along. It has really improved the appearance of our backyard, it's in a lovely setting, and we just love it.”

Robert Gross
Carmel Valley, California

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