As a golfer, you probably have wondered about what it would be like to have your own natural green. Well, let us tell you a little of what you might expect. You will need to water it daily. You will need to purchase a special mower and mow it everyday. You will need to watch for diseases and pests, then purchase chemicals to treat them. Oh yeah, don't forget the fertilizer. How does that sound?
Now imagine having all the benefits of having your own golf green without the maintenance. No watering. No mowing or expensive equipment. No spraying or fertilizing. All Pro Golfscapes & Lawns have the same ball roll, ball holding ability and characteristics as a natural grass green at a fraction of the cost! Look at the advantages All Pro greens have over natural greens in the chart below.

Cost $5.00 sq. ft. up to $15.00 sq. ft.
Maintenance removal of debris, leaves, twigs, etc. mowing everyday during growing season. Constant watering and fertilization.
Equipment none required precision mower, aerator, sprayer, hole cutter.
Irrigation none required sprinkler system.
Time of Usage immediate and year round after grass matures and only warm months.
Hole Changes none required frequent
Limitations none adversely affected by severe heat, cold and rain.

10 years workmanship
5 years against fading