Step 1:
Decide on the Placement of your Green

Check out placements in level areas of your property.

  • Take a string, garden hose, or extension cord and lay it in the general area and shape you desire. The width of our turf is 12 feet so you will need to think in widths of 12 feet when designing your green (12, 24, or 36 feet wide) unless you plan on cutting and seaming the rolls (if this is your intentions please see steps 9-12 first). The turf can later be cut to any length although it is sold in 5 foot increments. By marking the area like this you will be able to actually see the size and shape.
  • Refer to your diagrams in your brochure to help determine a size and shape.
  • Once you see the size and shape make sure to practice your golf game a little. You may decide you need a larger green.
  • Use spray paint to mark the entire outside perimeter of the shape. This marked edge will be used as a reference point where your sub base material will be placed.

Be sure your green is accessible from other areas of the yard by chipping and pitching to the marked area

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