Step 7:
Install the Cups

  • Arrange the cups on the sub base.
  • Mark the place where the cup will be permanently placed. This can be done by applying pressure to each cup and rotating it and will cause a small indentation in the sub base that will be used as a marker or reference point.
  • Using a small hand shovel dig a hole that is at least 2 inch larger around than the cup itself.

Because your cups are 6 inches tall you need to make your hole 6 inches in depth. The cups once placed in the holes should be one quarter inch above the top of the sub base material. Don’t worry if you go deeper because you can always back fill the hole with the loose dirt.

  • Add fast drying concrete mix powder around the entire outside perimeter.
  • Use the handle of your hand shovel to pack down the mix. Leave 1 inch of the cup exposed.
  • Add water to the concrete mix until it is saturated.
  • Next, add sub base around the exposed perimeter of the cup.
  • Compact the sub base around each cup by running the compactor directly over the cup. This will automatically level and make the cup flush with the top of the sub base.
  • Continue to do each hole in the same manner.

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