Step 9:
Join rolls together

The seaming techniques create an invisible seam. You will be provided with black seaming tape strips and commercial strength outdoor adhesive. A 1/8 in. notched trowel is needed to spread the adhesive.

The fibers of the putting green turf are slanted or have a slight grain running the length of the roll.

Make sure the grain of each roll of putting green turf is running in the same direction.

  • Place the green on the edge of the sub base and roll it out.
  • Make certain there are no creases in the turf or it will affect the roll of the ball. If there are very small creases or bubbles don’t worry. When you infill the putting green the small creases and bubbles will go away with the weight of the infill.
  • ? Separate the fibers. Before spreading the infill it is necessary to separate the fibers of the putting green the best you can. This can be done by pushing your broom against the grain of the putting green. Also, brushing against the grain will help to stretch out any small creases or bubbles. You will always be brushing against the grain during the infill spreading process.
  • Brush the fibers against the grain several times in order to get the fibers vertical and to separate the fibers before infilling
  • Notice the black strip running the length of each roll.
  • Lay one roll over where the seam will come together so the black backing is facing up.
  • Take a utility knife with a brand new blade and cut between the first and second row of stitching the length of the roll.
  • Cut as close to the second row of stitching as possible without cutting into it. Take your time and do not cut into the stitching. Do this for only one of the rolls where your seam will be joined. Cutting between the rows of stitching will provide you with a guide-line and will remove the black strip. This will give you tight fit and a perfect seam when you join the rolls together.

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