Step 10:
Cut the rolls

  • Place your piece of tin flashing under the bottom roll that is being overlapped. The flashing will make for a solid and smooth cutting surface and cutting the seam will not disturb your smooth sub base.
  • Overlap the rolls about 2 inches the entire length at the seam so that the roll with the black strip still attached is on top.
  • Place bags of infill every 5 feet on both sides the length of the seam. The weight of the infill will not allow the rolls to move during the seaming process.
  • Starting at one end of the roll, cut the top overlapped roll of turf by following the edge of the bottom roll with your utility knife.
  • Continue this process the full length of the seam. This technique will make for a perfect cut and seam.
  • After the seam has been cut, join the two pieces together to ensure a tight fit before gluing the rolls together in step 12.

REMEMBER: Continue to replace your utility knife blade after cutting eight to ten feet in length. The goal is to cut through the turf and not rip through it.

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