Step 13
Shape your Green

The green is delivered in a rectangular shape. You may desire to shape the green to give it a natural look. Refer to your brochure for shapes.

If you are not adding a fringe turf to your putting green, cut the shape of your putting green using your outside border as a guide. If you desire a fringe around your putting green, use a yard stick to assist you with measurements.

On one installation we used a two foot collar of fringe turf around the putting green.

REMEMBER: The fringe turf is functional-- you can chip off of it.

Formula to determine the amount of fringe turf needed for a two foot collar of fringe:

Total length + width
ivide by 2.5


On a 24 X 26 putting green the length is 52 feet if you place the two 12 by 26 rolls end to end
52 + the width of 12 = 64
64 divided by 2.5 is about 26

A 12 X 26 foot roll of fringe turf is needed to give a 2 ft collar of fringe around the putting green.

  • Use your yard-stick to measure two feet in from the border.
  • Use a string to mark your shape in 1 foot increments.
  • Use a utility knife (with new blades) to cut along the outside perimeter of the string. This gives you the desired shape.

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