Step 14:
Add the Fringe Turf

To maximize your fringe and minimize waste-

Run the fringe turf the length of the putting green on each side first, then the two widths.

HINT: The grain of the fringe turf must run the same direction all around the green.

  • Roll out the fringe turf over one side the length of the shaped putting green.
  • Overlap the entire roll of fringe turf just enough to cover the shape of your putting green on one side the length of your putting green.
  • Feeling the shaped putting green under the fringe, nail down the fringe into the sub base using 4 inch galvanized nails with small heads 2 inches out into the fringe from where the seam of the putting green turf and fringe turf will meet.
  • Place the nails every six inches the entire length of your fringe turf.

HINT: Nailing between the rows of stitching will hide the nails

  • Next, come out 1 foot into the fringe turf.
  • Nail down the fringe turf 1 inch out into the fringe every six inches the entire length of the fringe. Nailing the fringe at both the seam and a foot out from the seam will anchor and secure the fringe turf in place and make for a very tight fit.
  • Continue to do this for the entire perimeter of fringe turf.
  • Cut along the outside perimeter where the fringe meets your border.

HINT: Replace the blade on your utility knife every 8 to 10 feet of turf you cut to avoid dulling a blade and producing a ragged cut. Try to avoid “ripping” the turf.


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