Step 15:
Infill the Green

HINT: The putting green AND infill MUST stay dry during this filling process.

If the infill or putting green get, wet the infill clumps together, not allowing the infill to get between the fibers of the putting green and be properly filled.

  • Fill the drop spreader 1/2 full with the infill.
  • Spread it across the top of the green.

HINT: The weight of the infill will flatten any small bubbles you may have on your green. Do not apply too much infill at any one time without first brushing the infill into the fibers.

For example, a good basic guideline is to use 50 pounds of infill over an entire 12 X 30 green between brushings.

Too much infill and not enough brushing will result in buried fibers and will affect the performance and true ball roll of your putting green.

REMEMBER: Always brush against the grain during the infilling procedure

  • You must aggressively brush between all infill spreading.
  • Once the green is half full, brush the putting green using consistent force.
  • This infill procedure must be repeated until you have filled the green completely full, past the tips of the fibers.

HINT: You are walking on the infill.

  • This overfilling applies for all 3 turf lengths.
  • Over-filling of the green ensures a consistent level of infill across the entire putting green surface.

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