You only have one requirement to become a dealer:
Purchase and install one putting green. That’s it!

Simply purchase your green online from All Pro Putting Greens and install it. You will be provided step-by-step instructions and free tech support to help you during the installation process. Installing your own putting green and becoming an All Pro Dealer helps you in many ways:

  • You will have a great sales tool — having your own greens provides you with a demonstration green to show your customers.
  • You gain first-hand knowledge — you will be familiar and comfortable with the installation process.
  • You will have a great add-on business — selling and installing golf greens allows you to utilize existing equipment and employees.
  • The investment pays for itself — you only need to sell one self-install kit or one complete installation to make enough money to cover your investment.

When you become an All Pro Dealer and have purchased your first green you will be provided with the following materials to help you market and sell your greens:

  • Our comprehensive Dealer Manual — which details the strategies and tactics you will be using to sell and install our putting greens.
  • 50 full-color brochures — to give to your potential customers.
  • 100 full-color post cards — to follow-up your bids and sales calls.
  • 4 sales videos — to show to your qualified leads.
  • Free tech support — to help you and/or your customers through the installation process.