Adding All Pro Greens To Your Product Mix Puts You Ahead of Competitors AND BRINGS IN CASH YEAR ROUND

TWO OF THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES FOR LANDSCAPERS these days are differentiating theirservices and maintaining a steady flow of income in theslow months. Given their similar services,manycontractors are forced to compete on price – after all, it’s tough to convince a new customer why your flagstone patio should cost more than the next guy’s. And come the slow months, the problem is compounded by the fall-off in business.

Many contractors have found that the addition of synthetic golf greens to their service offerings is the key to creating market differentiation and generating more income – not only in the slow times, but year round as well. By offering a desirable product that none of your competitors have – and by setting yourself up as a certified specialist in the installation and servicing of synthetic golf greens – you can convince potential customers to bring all of their landscaping needs to you. Landscape Management Magazine voted synthetic putting greens as the #1 Niche Service Idea of the year.

What’s more,expanding into putting green installations can significantly increase your bottom line: Profits can run as high as 65 percent on some jobs. Lawn & Landscape Magazine states, “Synthetic putting greens can be a lucrative add-on service for landscape contractors.”

For John Zemkoski, Owner of Custom Landscape Systems in Edison, N.J., offering synthetic golf greens as part of his product mix gave him a unique edge over his competition. It also enabled him to attract more customers and keep the company bank accounts a bit fatter in the slow months. Turf Magazine calls synthetic greens, “A Viable business booster – selling greens area way to sustain income and keep crews busy yearround.”

Despite the fact that synthetic golf greens are maintenance free, installing them often generates additional landscaping work. More often than not, customers want a distinctive landscape design tailored specifically around their new golf green. Sand traps,water features, flower beds, decorative lighting, patios, retaining walls,etc. are often added to enhance the overall look of the green in the client’s backyard. And this landscape work can lead to the more traditional landscape work later on.

You have a golden opportunity to get into an industry that is still very much in it’s infancy and making a lot of money selling and installing professional synthetic golf greens as a simple and easy add-on service with existing equipment and employees.

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