Our program allows your customersthat do not want a turn key installationfor $10.00 - $15.00 per sq. ft. anopportunity to get a professionallyinstalled green for half the price.

Your customer pays $5.00 per squarefoot for the putting green kit.Your customer pays an additional.50¢ per square foot to have you as aCertified IGC (Independent GreenConsultant) supervise the installation. Asthe IGC,you will NOT do the installation,but will oversee the job so the installationis done correctly.Set a date and a time with yourcustomer for the Build A Green Day.Have them invite their golf buddies to provide the free labor for the installation 1week prior – this will make for a fast and easy install. Give your customer a materials list and have them purchase and/or rent everything needed for the installation. All materials need to be on site two days prior to the project. Remind your customer to provide lunch for their friend’s efforts.You will start the install in the morning and they will be practicing their short game by the afternoon.


You will be able to save your clients thousands by purchasing a self-install kit. Thus allowing you to reach another huge untapped market that could never afford a turn-key installation. You make nearly $1,000 for supervising the job.



Retail Sales — based on $2.20 per sq. ft— ($5.50 retail - $2.80 wholesale =$2.20 per sq ft commission)


12’x30’= 368 sq. ft. x $2.20 = $809.60Overseeing an installation — You getpaid .50¢ a sq. ft. to oversee an install.


12’x30’= 368sq. ft. x .50 = $184.00Combine the retail sales commission of a 12’x 30’green and overseeing an installation for a Build a Green Day and you have earned $993.60 for 1 day ofsupervision.

  • For every Build AGreen Day,you will sell 2 more greens. Each golf buddy providing the free labor is a potential sale for a turn-key install, Build AGreen Day or otherlandscape/hardscape work. From just one Build A Green Day, you have the ability to generate at least 12 leads.
  • It only takes one person to supervisethe job. This means the rest of your crew can be busy on other projects.
  • You have the ability to eliminatelocal competition. There is no waythat another company can competewith you at $5.50 per sq ft – that istheir cost.
  • You can directly communicate thebenefits of a green.

During the installation,you have theopportunity to get to know the guest andbegin qualifying potential sales leads.This will generate more Build a GreenDays,more turn key installations andmore landscaping/hardscaping sales.

As you can see there is definitelyvalue in the Build A Green Days,which iswhy we encourage you to take advantageof our certification training. Only certifiedcontractors should be hosting Build AGreen Days.

Think about it like this, what happens if you ruin just one installation? First of all, you’ve lost many potential sales. What is the cost of that? You have an upset customer,and what about yourcompany’s reputation in the community? Good news travels fast,but bad news travels faster. Don’t make this mistake. We guarantee it will be worth your time and money invested in certification training to do it right the first time and every time.