INCREASING YOUR EXPOSURE and giving you the competitive edge are ways All Pro is committed to helping your golf green business grow! We have conducted 24 nationwide workshops and 26 nation-wide tradeshows in the last 12 months and the response has been nothing short of phenomenal! We have met some of the finest contractors in the industry and they have asked for the same thing….. CertificationTraining! We are now offering certification training to contractors and retailers.

With the growing number of referrals that come into our office (hundreds a week),and the fact that we don’t have an installation division of our business. We had to come up with a solution for referring the best installers in our industry. This solution is our brand new certification training classes. Only certified installers will be referred to homeowners for estimates and installations. It is in your best interest totake advantage of certification training. You do not have to be certified to sell our product,but the knowledge and information you take from our training class will exponentially grow your business.

All Pro is currently enrolling for installation certification classes at our corporate facility in Fort Oglethorpe,Georgia. We will have certification classes throughout the U.S. and Canada within a few months. But do not wait to take advantage of this training. This is a one day certification consisting of class room training and hands on advanced installation of a putting green. Certified contractors are 10X more likely to generate leads, turn those leads into sales and to be successful in this business.

There are 3 areas that can cause problems with installations, base prep, adding infill and seaming. We will cover the complete installation techniques covered in our DVD with additional techniques to save time, money and eliminate any call backs. Make sure that you and your staff are properly trained and certified as installers.

The reason we started these training classes, is that we have contractors that are doing high quality, first class installations and others that are doing very average installations. We want you to be successful in this business and for every installation to be great.

We have had contractors that have been installing our greens for two years show up to the certification class and learn more in 1 day than they did in 2 years installing greens.The response has been great and many of our contractors agree that the cost of thecertification is minimal compared to the expense of just 1call back from a bad installation.

For a minimal cost of only $399 per person ($200 per person for 3 or more), this will entitle you to know the proper installation techniques, successfully market and sell theproduct and exponentially grow your putting green business. Remember,that certified contractors will receive referrals and participate in our new marketing programs. Formore information or to schedule yourself and/or your crew, call us at 800-334-9005 for acomplete class schedule.

Some may say “I’m too busy”or “I don’t have the time”. “Too busy? ”Too busy to create a brand new revenue stream with existing equipment and employees. “Don’t have time? ”Don’t have time to learn the proper way to install a green that will cost you much more money and time in unnecessary call backs. We hear from contractors every week that are seeing their profit margins shrink from increased competition. It seems that every high-school kid with a pick-up truck and a lawn mower is calling himself a landscaper. Selling synthetic golf greens is a way to differentiate yourself in your local market and create a new profit center for your business.


  • BUILD A GREEN DAY– Sell a kit, make $1,000, and reach a new customer base
  • 19TH HOLE MIXER– Get more exposure andreach even more customers
  • MARKETING & SELLING– learn the strategiesand tactics from our most successful contractors
  • TRADESHOW PROMOTIONS – How to get abooth for half the cost, How to turn leads intosales and partner with others to get materialsdonated.
  • UP-SELLING YOUR CURRENT SERVICES – Selladditional landscaping and hardscaping aroundthe green
  • DESIGN CONSULTATION –Keep your customersinvolved and excited every step of the way!
  • POLY VS NYLON –Learn the differentproducts in the industry and advantages you havewith ours.
  • CLOSING TECHNIQUES– Increase closing ratios50% with proven, field tested tactics.


“The class gave us the finer points,finishing touches to a greatinstallation. Great hands on. Wellworth the money.”— David Gray, CornerstoneGolfscapes, Leesburg, FL

“It was informative and well worth it.” — Ed Bailey, Duluth, GA

“The installation DVD is good, but you learn much more from the hands on training. It was also helpful to see the manufacturer,belief and conviction. It is easier to sell the product when you know the manufacturer is behind the product and is supportive.”— Greg Lecuyer, Leisure Greens,Winnipeg, Canada

“Learning the tricks of the trade is the best benefit because you can’tlearn everything from watching a DVD. The hands-on approach is very helpful. I did a tradeshow after attending the training class and sold 6 greens. Also from the show I had several people interested in getting certified. Because the class we have become a “Mater Distributor” in South Carolina.”— Matthew Knight, BackyardPutting Systems, SC

“The class was perfect timing for me. I was concerned about seaming. They showed me how to seam. I was also glad to learn about the new installation techniques and marketing programs. Since the training I have sold 3 greens which valued $29,376.00.”— Don Ellis, Tee Time Greens,Sparks, NV

“We were pleased with how thorough Chris was on step by step. We had no problem with our first installation at the mall. Everyone knew exactly how to do the install. The marketing literature is outstanding.”— Dave Garland, CreativeLandscaping, Walnut, IL

“The demonstration was very helpful. It showed all the hands-on details we needed. There was a lot of information on marketing but was broken down to be simple. Being able to do a “Build a Green Day” is going to help our company stand out from the others.”— Bob Hanson, R. Hanson, Inc., MN