The 19th Hole Mixers are preplanned network parties that are an effective way to gain additional exposure for your company and increase sales. Why would a customer get involved in a 19th Hole Mixer? The answer is simple. They get excited about showing off and bragging about their new green to their golf buddies.


Once the green is installed ask your customer if they would like to show off their new golf training aid to their buddies. This will give them an idea of a guest list. Golfers love to show off their new accessories! Let your customer know that this is not only a way to entertain their friends and family,but also lets others try out their green. Set a time and a date for the mixer and send out invitations at least 1 week prior to the event.Attend the mixer and demonstrate the benefits of the green. Just like the Build a Green Day – You have the opportunity to get to know the guest and begin qualifying potential sales leads. This will generate more Build a Green Days, more turn key installations and more landscaping/hardscaping sales.


  • You get to meet many people at one time – each person (golfer)attending is a potential sale. From each mixer you should be able togenerate at least six sales leads.
  • You will increase your company’s exposure to more peopleand increase sales.
  • You are one-on-one with potential customers. You gather informationabout their game, their home, their community, their income andprofessional interests. This gives you the ability to reach new markets foryour entire business.
  • You can directly communicate the benefits of a green.