A Marketing Arsenal to Explode Your Business

Our new 33 page full colormagazine will help yourclient to envision a dreamgreen in their backyard. Thismagazine is packed full ofmany different kinds ofinstallations from stand alonegreens to greens with waterfeatures. A golfer is sure to finda green that he will like in hisbackyard,and his spouse is sure to find all the extras withwhich she can decorate around the green. You can expect agreat reaction from potential customers when they see all theoptions that they have to choose from. Once they show this totheir golf buddies and co-workers,you are sure to see moresales leads for your golf green business.
$2.25 EACH


This quad fold brochure is designed togenerate excitement because of themany diagrams of shapes,sizes anddesigns possible for synthetic puttinggreens. When creating this excitementwith your customers,be sure to reinforcethe value of larger greens by describinghow well they look in well-landscaped yards. These brochures also provide information to help inform and educate customers. Making the sales process that much easier!
$30.00 per 100



These brochures are imperative for helping yourputting green business explode!They will help you promoteBuild A Green Days to all ofyour customers. You will notlose those sales from customerswho can not afford turn-keyinstallations and maintain steadyincome year round! This beautifulfull color brochure not onlyhighlights different greeninstallations,but also educates yourcustomers about the Build A GreenDay program.
$30.00 per 100



Another great tool for generating interest and excitement is aputting green DVD! Getting the customeremotionally involved is important for thesale. Three videos are available,Contractor installation,Homeownerinstallation and Sales. The Sales DVDis strictly for customers interested in aturn-key installation by you. TheContractors installation is great fortraining you and your crew oninstallation techniques,estimating,material requirements and sales &marketing. The Homeownerinstallation DVD is great for the do-it yourselfer or toshow the installation process to those interestedin a Build a Green Day.
$2.25 EACH


Postcards are great follow uptools for the prospectivecustomer. The postcards willreinforce the advantages ofhaving a synthetic green and willkeep the possibility with top of mind awareness. We recommendsending the postcard as follow up each week for 5 weeks afteryou’ve given the estimate.
$20.00 PER 100