ALL PRO has always been committed to helping your business grow. We realize how very valuable contractors are to our business. That is why we have incorporated Installation certification into our vast array of services. Just in the last six months alone we have developed the “Build A Green Day”, “19th HoleMixer”, “replication Website”, “Tradeshow Cross Promotion”, “New Pictorial Magazine”, “New Contractor Magazine”, and “Certification Training Classes” for you. In the months ahead we will bring you even more new field-tested programs to exponentially grow your golf green business. More than anything, we educate contractors, so thatt hey can educate and inform their customers. Education is key to making good wise solid business decisions and avoiding bad costly mistakes. Eliminating call backs and increasing customer satisfaction will ultimately lead to increased profits for your business.The things that you will learn from this magazine and our certification training class will save you thousands and make you successful in this business. Our goal is to help you work smarter instead of harder. Synthetic greens are one of the fastest growing segments of the golf industry that are directly tied to the lawn and landscape industry.

We know that once you book a job,time is of the essence and that is why our policy is and has always been to ship every order out the door within 24hours of you placing the order. We are able to maintain that policy because we are the manufacturer and always have the product in stock for each and every order.

We have a referral network for our certified contractors, giving them the ability to increase business and exposure. Our competitors have installation divisions. These are corporate employees that take all of the end user referrals in your area and keep the installation income in-house. Leaving the independent contractor on their own to find new business.

Others do offer Installation certification, but you will pay a rather large fee. These fees usually range between $5,000 and $15,000.

Our contractor network drives our business and we have pledged to stand behind you and continually bring you fresh, exciting and innovative sales and marketing programs to help you succeed. That is why we constantly strive to provide you with the best education and the best marketing materials available in the industry.

What All Pro Has To Offer Contractors VS. Other Companies


All Pro
Quarterly Contractor Magazine X  
Annual Pictorial Magazine X  
Contractor & Homeowner Specific DVDs X  
24/7 Tech Support X  
Shipment Tracking X  
Build A Green Day Program X  
19th hole Mixer X  
Replicated Websites X  
Nationwide Workshops X  
Nationwide Tradeshows X  
Nationwide Cross Promotion Programs X  
Nationwide Refferal Programs X X
Certification Training Classes X X
Corporate Installation Division   X
Franchise and/or Protective Territory Fee   X
Shipping Within 24 Hours X  
Extensive Product Field Testing X  
Extensive Marketing Programs X  
Constantly Improving of Marketing Materials X  
Constant Product and Installation Improvement X  
Easy Access into the Business X