How to cut down on yard work
When installed, synthetic putting greens are maintenance-free. They are synthetic — no need to water or mow them. They don't need fertilizers, herbicides, or chemicals like expensive real-grass greens require and no need for a full-time maintenance staff.

Personal & private 24-hour golf practice facility
Whether a die-hard duffer or one who just wants to putt around, personal putting greens are excellent training tools for improving the short game. Experts say about 70% of putts are from seven feet or shorter and about 62% of an average round of golf takes place on the putting green.

How to shave useless strokes off your game
"Wow! Every golfers dream ... go from a 24 handicap to a 15 in three weeks! Installing our green was the best decision we've made in years! And the kids love it!" said Marv Johnson of Camarillo, California. This should give you peace of mind while beating the pants off your buddies at the next golf outing. Your own personal putting green not only gains envy from your golf buddies, it will help improve your short game.

Increase home value
Synthetic greens have proven to increase property value. Paul Langhals' of Colorado Springs, Colorado, had his home appraised at $239,000. Two years later, after installation of a putting green and surrounding landscape, his property appraised for $295,000.

Travel Destinations

  1. Pinnacle Peaks Sawtooth Resort, Atlanta, Idaho — Ranch-style resort sits hidden in a valley at the base of Greylock Mountain and the Sawtooth Wilderness Area. Offers a peaceful and rugged atmosphere with all the luxuries of executive style and convenience.
  2. Mighty Oak Golf Course, Alton, Virginia — 1st public golf course, open year-round, with all synthetic greens. No tee times and inexpensive green fees allow golfers of all ages to enjoy the game at their own pace.
  3. South Fork Bed & Golf, Lanesboro, Minnesota — Private bed and breakfast golf course where guests enjoy golf at their leisure with breathtaking views of picturesque southern Minnesota.
  4. The Chipley-Murrah House Bed & Breakfast, Pine Mountain, Georgia — Victorian style B&B will feature a private synthetic putting green for its guests in addition to the property's numerous amenities.

Drought? No problem
Conserving water is a serious issue nationwide. Synthetic putting greens are "water-wise" installations that help reduce the amount of water needed on lawns up to 30% or more depending on size. Water seeps through the turf so they are environmentally friendly, too.

Putt in any climate, yes any
From sizzling hot deserts of Nevada to sub-zero temperatures of Northern Canada, UV-treated polypropylene greens withstand the damaging effects of rain, snow, sleet, hail, sun, and droughts. Golfers actually shovel snow off their greens to putt during winter when cabin fever sets in.

Keeping peace with your spouse
An important aspect of owning a synthetic putting green is its aesthetic beauty that dramatically enhances a yard. Keeping your spouse fully involved in the yard's transition (and letting him or her have some designs, too) will help ease years and years of enjoyment with the putting green.

#1 way to get a putting green and pay no out-of-pocket expenses
Putting greens qualify under home-improvement loans when tied in with other outdoor renovations or can be worked into a mortgage refinancing. For about the price of a hot tub, the investment in a putting green provides homeowners an excellent training aid without breaking the bank.

Lucrative add-on service for landscape professionals  
How can landscape professionals expand the marketing of products and services? Landscape Management Magazine voted synthetic putting greens as "The #1 Niche Service Idea of the year" and Lawn & Landscape Magazine stated, "Synthetic putting greens are a lucrative add-on service for landscape contractors." 

How to use existing equipment for more profits
Many landscapers have added the installation of putting greens to their traditional landscaping business only to find positive results. And they're doing it with existing equipment because putting greens are installed using the same base preparation as a brick-paver patio.

How to install the green yourself
Save money and install the green yourself. When all materials are bought, weekend warriors can install their own for about $3.50 per square foot of putting green. With the exception of mechanical plate compactor — available at local tool and equipment rental facilities — most homeowners already have many of the tools needed to install their own green. A shovel, rake, push broom, tape measure, utility knife, and garden hose, are what it takes. Get step-by-step written instructions and an installation video for help.