Take your time when determining the location and size of your putting green. Some people think that next to the home would be a good location for their green. Others feel that a low spot in their yard would be a good location. The truth is these are two of the worst locations to put a green. Next to the house is a bad location if you plan to chip and pitch to the green. You could actually spend more time replacing windows than practicing golf. Low spots tend to collect water run-off and should be avoided because it can erode and deteriorate the sub-base.

If you need help sizing and shaping a green, refer to the Sizing & Ordering section of the web site.

Choose a spot that is away from the house and does not collect water. Find an area that is accessible from other areas of the yard for chipping and pitching. Take an extension cord or rope and lay it in the general shape that you desire.
While creating the shape and size of the green, you will want to work with widths that are a multiple of 12 - the turf is manufactured 12 foot wide. Rolls of turf can be seamed together successfully to create widths of 24 or 36 feet. The length can be as long as you wish - All Pro Golfscapes & Lawns is able to trim the turf at any length.
As you experiment with various sizes you may find that the size you first thought is too small. It's a good idea to chip and pitch to the marked area from several locations in the yard to make sure it suits your needs.
Once you have a size and shape your happy with, mark the area with spray paint. This will serve as a guide for the sub-base. You may even want to leave it for a couple of days to make absolutely sure you're going to be happy with the size.
For sand traps, start with an extension cord as before and experiment with various sizes. The average size is 6'-10' long by 4'-8' wide. Once you have a shape you like, mark the area with spray paint to use for a guide.
Now that you have the size and shape, make sure you have all the tools and materials required for the installation process.
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