Sand Trap Installation Introduction

Installing a sand trap in your yard is very easy and inexpensive. In fact, the installation of the 15' x 12' sand trap in our example cost about $65.00 in materials and only took 3 hours to complete.

Many of the tools required for the installation are very common household items that you most likely already own. Other materials are available at your local home improvement stores.

Tools and Materials

Required tools and materials:

  • Pick
  • Shovel
  • Weed killer
  • Weed barrier
  • Hammer & landscaping nails
  • Gravel or pea gravel
  • Extension cord or garden hose
  • Can of orange or white spray paint
  • Sand - Premium white play sand or course sandblasting sand

To determine the required amount of sand you need, use the following formula: one 100 pound bag of sand in needed for each 10 square feet of area. Take your total square footage and divide by ten to get the total number of 100 bags needed. The example below shows how to figure the required amount of sand for a 15' x 12' sand trap.

15' multiplied by 12' = 180 sq. ft.
180 divided by 10 = 18
Therefore, 18 100 pound bags of sand is needed for a 15' x 12' sand trap.

Step 1: Determine a location
Step 2: Remove the grass in the marked area and create the slope
Step 3: Dig the drainage trench
Step 4: Fill the trench with the gravel
Step 5: Apply weed killer and secure weed barrier
Step 6: Fill the trap with sand
Step 7: Distribute the sand evenly

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